Welcome to Chuck's World.

Chuck is my brother. He is my tyranno-baby brother. He always is hitting my mom when she is on the computer. He likes to bite my back. His favorite thing in the house is his toy jeep.

Chuck is usually a good beast; sometimes he is a bad beast.


Neenee said...

His name is Chucka, a-Chucka-lucka, and he'd love, to drive a trucka...

Hey Tom!!! I saw the band that plays our pirate music and I thought of you the whole time! Wish you were there, maybe someday we can go together and rock out!

Too many hugs and kisses to count, always tonsssss of love, love your Neenee

Sand Mama said...

Hi Nee
Today we built a cushion boat from our couch. My Dad even though he is done with training he still has to study the Airbus.
Chuck likes to eat tangerines which he calls 'pumpkin lemons'.
Goog likes to play two or three card games on the computer a day.
If you come to Dubai we will take you to the Dubai Museum.
Love, Tom (and Goog and Chuck)