The Arena

I went to the Colosseum in Rome. It was really cool, because it was so big and round. We told my uncle about our trip.

We also went to the catacomb of Priscilla and I met a real archeologist, Sr. Francesca.
This is a picture of the Colosseum.

This is a picture of me and my brothers sitting on a column that fell down.


Hey Swipe! Wanna chase?

I have a lego named Agent Swipe. He is a lego Agent. There is not a game on Lego.com that goes with him but there is a toy that goes with him and that toy is called a 'super tire'. The super tire and lego Agent Swipe are not mine but lego Agent Swipe's friend, Agent Chase is mine. Do you think it would be fun to have all the lego Agents? I think it would be.

Here is a link to a lego agents movie. I think I will try to make a lego agents movie too.


Fly high

I have a trampoline in my back yard. It has a net which I think is a pretty good idea. The reason I think this is because I remember once when my brother was little he fell off my friend's trampoline that didn't have a net. So I hope you will enjoy this post and the pictures I have to go with it.


Surf's Up!

I went to the beach one day with my Uncle and my mom and my brothers. I went on my brother's boogie board and I went up four and five-foot waves. I ate sandwiches for dinner and we ate pizza for lunch in the car on the way to the beach. Have you ever had a day like that at the beach?


The attack of _____

Our friend ______ has a mom who is a bad person because she yelled at my brother William (Googie), who you all have probably heard of, who doesnt like people yelling at him.

_____'s grandmother came over and said I was a criminal because I had stolen their water coupons which doesnt really make sense. But I did do it. I wasnt trying to hurt their feelings, I was just having some fun.

We have a new family policy of staying away from them, of not ringing their bell, not walking in front of their house, not talking to them and most importantly not taking their water coupons to keep the peace.


The Boat Trip

This is me driving Capt. Dion's boat.

This is me on the bow of the boat.

Capt. Dion took us 100K away from the dock. We went to a beach. There was a dolphin jumping in the water. We went swimming and I thought 'When will we get back?'

Then that night I had a dream that I was driving the boat alone.


The Misty Mountains

I went to Fujirah three days ago. I hope you all will like this post. This is my favorite time when I went into the mountains with my family. The mountains are dry but you can always find mountain goats and camels too!

On the other side of the mountains, I put my feet into the Indian Ocean and I went on a shelf of rock and I was smashed by waves, but I lived to tell the tale.
This is me and Googie standing in the Indian Ocean.


Gladiator Tests

In this picture you will see two gladiators of my playmobile colosseum. The gladiators are fighting a tiger and you will see its cage behind it.


Gladiatorial Fighting

My gladiators are my favorite playmobile. Even though I dont have my colosseum with me I can still stage Gladiatorial Fights like this one in the picture above.
The emperor gave the blue gladiator- to the right- the wooden sword.


There's a hole in my mouth.

Yesterday I was wrestling with my brothers and my tooth fell out. My Dad has been bugging me about it because it wouldnt fall out so yesterday it did!

The tooth fairy left me 10 dirhams. I dont know what I will use it for, Playmobiles dont cost 10 dirhams! Maybe I can buy the 5th Gladiator by himself.


Climbing wall experience.

Climbing walls are high. You might be scared at first, but when you get to the climbing wall, you will think you can make it.

This is me. I like this picture because I look like a rescue hero.
I would go again.



Today we built an igloo in my front yard.
It was first a pile of snow, but when we dug it out it looked like a real igloo. The cool part of an igloo is that when you dig into the pile, you take out the snow and build walls beside the entrance.
Here is a link to an old movie about building an igloo. Its pretty cool how they build the igloo. They can do it in about 2 hours.