I am 9

I am now 9. I always wondered what my dad and mom would get me for my birthday. Turns out, my dad got me a Chinese chessboard when he went to Beijing. Here are photos of the King, Queen and Bishop. He also got me a helicopter which I may tell you about in another post.


The Truth

I just found out that Santa Claus is not real. I found this very surprising because I really thought he was.
I was kind of sad when I found this out so I read a book and books always cheer me up.

St. Nicholas was real. Here is a link to some information about St. Nicholas.


Desert Driving

I went with my dad and a few of my friends and my brothers to a new place that my dad and his friend Gernot found. I didnt think that it would be a good place to go but I found out that it was AWESOME. Daddy let me drive and we pretended that we were playing StarWars and Googie was a clone leiutenant and I was a clone pilot and Daddy was a clone co-pilot. Here are some pictures.


The Arena

I went to the Colosseum in Rome. It was really cool, because it was so big and round. We told my uncle about our trip.

We also went to the catacomb of Priscilla and I met a real archeologist, Sr. Francesca.
This is a picture of the Colosseum.

This is a picture of me and my brothers sitting on a column that fell down.