Dino Explorers

This is my Playmobile guy who does most of the work.
And this is my Playmobile girl. She takes his video.

This is them in the Antarctic. They like you.



This is me

This is my pterosaur design.
Googie did not help me color it in.
This is Googies
I helped Googie color his in.


Welcome to Googies World

Googie is my brother, he is always tired or grumpy or mad. He loves to drive me crazy by when I say something he says "I cant hear you!" and he's done it before, and I've said it loud.

Well, Googie he can be a little cute sometimes and I do like playing with him but I do not like having school with him because he peeks at my pages.


My Birthday

These are the pyramids of Giza
I want to be going on my birthday to Cairo, Egypt and the Pyramids of Giza.
I want to go there because I like ancient Egypt.


Save Sammy

This is a letter to the Atlantis Hotel to tell them that Whale Sharks should not be living in a tank.

Here is a link to a facebook group of people who want to free Sammy the whale shark at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

Here is a link to today's Gulf news report on Sammy. It also links to all the reports about Sammy the whale shark

And here is Sammy.


Welcome to Chuck's World.

Chuck is my brother. He is my tyranno-baby brother. He always is hitting my mom when she is on the computer. He likes to bite my back. His favorite thing in the house is his toy jeep.

Chuck is usually a good beast; sometimes he is a bad beast.