The Misty Mountains

I went to Fujirah three days ago. I hope you all will like this post. This is my favorite time when I went into the mountains with my family. The mountains are dry but you can always find mountain goats and camels too!

On the other side of the mountains, I put my feet into the Indian Ocean and I went on a shelf of rock and I was smashed by waves, but I lived to tell the tale.
This is me and Googie standing in the Indian Ocean.


Gladiator Tests

In this picture you will see two gladiators of my playmobile colosseum. The gladiators are fighting a tiger and you will see its cage behind it.


Gladiatorial Fighting

My gladiators are my favorite playmobile. Even though I dont have my colosseum with me I can still stage Gladiatorial Fights like this one in the picture above.
The emperor gave the blue gladiator- to the right- the wooden sword.